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Berocca Boost Value Pack 45'S

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Benefits & Features:
Improves your reaction speed & accuracy while decreasing tiredness, natural fuel that sparks your body & mind
You’ll be recharged and revitalised by Berocca Boost’s unique combination of vitamins and minerals.
Plus you’ll gain an extra surge from the added guarana, a fast-acting natural energizer that comes from an Amazonian berry.
You’ll be more awake, more alert and ready to take on anything at a moment’s notice.


  • Vitamin B complex: – B vitamins help your body release energy from food to support vitality and stamina. They’re important for your nervous system as they carry information to and from your brain.
  • Vitamin C: – Vitamin C is needed to support a healthy immune system. An antioxidant, it helps protect your cells from premature ageing.
  • Biotin: – Helps you release energy from food.
  • Guarana: – 222.2mg
  • Magnesium: – Magnesium works with B vitamins to help your body release energy from food and keep your nervous system and muscles working properly.
  • Zinc: – Essential for growth, zinc also maintains a healthy immune system.
  • Folic Acid: – Supports your blood cells, helps your body produce energy and boosts your immune system.
  • Calcium: – Helps build healthy bones and teeth.