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Bondi Sands Aero 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam

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Bondi Sands Aero 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam gives you a stunning glow in one hour or 30 mins if you want a subtle light-medium tan. The perfect solution when you need to tan in a hurry.

Why you need it:
Bondi Sands Aero 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam gives you a sun-kissed Australian tan in just 1 hour. Infused with a scent of coconut, this ultra lightweight aerosol foam will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi beach. Perfect if you're short on time - you can still get that enviable Bondi glow in an hour.

For a light to medium tan, we recommend leaving on for 30 minutes. For a Dark tan rinse off after 1 hour, and for the darkest colour rinse off after 2-3 hours.

How to use:
Use the Bondi Sands Exfoliation Mitt to ensure your skin is clean and free from any moisturisers. Apply Express Self Tanning Foam liberally to a Tanning Mitt before using long, sweeping motion to legs, arms and body. Use remaining residue on tanning mitt for face, elbows and knees. Rinse skin after 1 hour for a long lasting dark tan. For the darkest tan leave the foam on the skin for 2-3 hours. Shower with warm water and gently pat skin dry. Bondi Sands recommend waiting 15 minutes before putting loose fitting clothing to let the tan develop.