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Add the Magic Touch to your make-up routine with the NEW 12 piece Mrs Glam Brush Set, personally designed by Michelle.

Made from a unique blend of synthetic fibres, these super soft brushes have been designed with a luxurious elongated handle for easier application.

The Work Your Magic Brush Set has been created to suit all skill levels, from beginners right through to professionals!

MRS01 - Large Foundation Brush - A large round tapered brush, ideal for a flawless, seamless foundation application

MRS02 - Angled Contour Brush - An angled brush that  provides the perfect shape to effortlessly sculpt and define your face

MRS03 - Cream Blending Brush - A medium-sized domed brush allows for controlled and targeted blending with your favourite cream products

MRS04 - Powder Detail Brush - A flat and tapered brush that can be used for powder, blush or bronzer. Use the tip of the brush for more defined placement or place it on its side for a more diffused effect

MRS05 - Highlighter Brush - A full domed brush tip, for precise & detailed highlight placement

MRS06 - Eyeshadow Blending Brush - A tapered crease brush that can be used on the flat side for shading or use the fullness of the tip for seamless blending

MRS07 - Socket Detail Brush - A medium sized tapered brush that is perfect for laying down and diffusing shadows effortlessly. Perfectly fits into the contour of the eye to define the crease

MRS08 - Cream Base Brush - A flat brush that allows for precise cut creasing and concealing. This brush can also be used for targeted cream product placement 

MRS09 - Under Eye Blending Brush - A small dense brush with a tapered tip that is perfect for blending and diffusing shadow on the under eye and highlighting the inner corner 

MRS10 - Under Eye Definer Brush - A small and compact brush for a more targeted and precise shadow placement on the undereye

MRS11 - Eye Liner Brush - A fine angled brush, with the perfect shape for ultra precise eyeliner

MRS12 - Lip Brush - A small and fine lip brush used to create super precise lines and edges, leaving you with that perfect pout