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CB12 is a new, unique, long-lasting mouth rinse proven to prevent and neutralise bad breath. CB12 neutralises the substances and processes that cause bad breath by combating all three ‘volatile sulphur compounds’ (VSC) gases that cause bad breath instead of simply masking the smell for a short period of time. The unique combination of Zinc and Chlorhexidine in CB12 targets the ‘VSCs’ from exhaled air and neutralises bad breath. CB12 also contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

Chlorhexidine diacetate breaks down the complex VSC gases that cause the distinctive bad breath smell, while helping to coat the oral cavity for all-day protection. Zinc acetate then neutralises these sulphurous gases and turns them into harmless, odourless compounds. The result is a better and more lasting effect against bad breath, with 12 hours of instant, safe breath confidence for you.