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Gently hydrates and protects the skin's natural barrier to calm flare ups of dermatitis and itchy, sensitive skin. Elave Intensive Ointment is an emollient moisturising treatment that protects the skin’s natural barrier. Regular use reduces flare-ups of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry, itchy sensitive skin conditions. The Elave range is developed from 80 years of experience and research into formulation for dry sensitive skin and dry skin conditions. Developed in Ireland by Ovelle Pharmaceuticals, established by the Gardiner family in 1934 in a dedicated research and Pharma grade GMP manufacturing facility. All of the raw materials and ingredients undergo rigorous pharma testing before use and all formulations are safety tested to the highest industry standards. Eases itching Softens plaques Replaces skin oils and forms a waterproof barrier to prevent water loss Kind and mild for dry, sensitive skin Vegan Sulfate Free SLES/SLS Free Paraben Free Perfume Free Formaldehyde Free Alcohol Free Soap Free Colour Free