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THERAPEUTIC BATH: Elysium Spa Epsom Salts, whether soaking your feet or taking a bath in espsom salts, you will soothe muscle aches, relax the body, improve circulation and even treat sunburn. Fragranced with eucalyptus essential oil100% NATURAL: Elysium Spa Epsom Salt is magnesium sulphate, a pure mineral compound with a variety of uses. Generations of people have relied on its natural values, as it absorbs through the skin's surface to gently help support the removal of toxinsSOOTHE & RELAX: Perfect for those with an extremely active lifestyle. Helping you soothe all those aches and pains that come with it.RESTFUL SLEEP: Adding epsom salts to a bath will help the relaxation of the body and mind to promote a restful night's sleepABOUT THE PRODUCT: Ready to use, resealable bag 450g