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Luna Weekly Detox Shampoo is formulated with Lavender Herb Oil and Orange Peel Oil to provide a rich clean while still leaving the hair feeling hydrated and healthy. A once-a-week shampoo to cleanse your hair and lift product residue, excess oil and built-up pollutants for a fresh, clean start. Deeply cleanse away dirt, oil and impurities without stripping your hair. Removes build-up of styling products and hard water deposits. A fresh, summer fruit fragrance dominated by notes of blueberry and cranberry followed by a raspberry and strawberry blend.

Leaves hair feeling refreshed and hydrated Super clean Helps smooth hair Protects against hair breakage and reduces frizz
Gluten Free Cruelty Free Sulphate Free Paraben Free

Formulated to replace your regular once-a-week shampoo. Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. Repeat as required.