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This Classic Narrow Shaped Bottle With A Wide Opening Provides An Easy To Handle Bottle That Is Easily Stored And Fits Into All Bottle Warmers.

Suitable from: 6- 18 months 

The NUK New Classic Bottles are easy to handle, can be held firmly and can save space when stored away. Another advantage: they fit into all conventional bottle warmers. 

The wide bottle neck means the bottle can be used with the NUK First Choice+ Teat. The wide bottle neck makes it extremely easy to fill the bottles without a mess and to clean them thoroughly as well.

NUK First Choice+ Teat, the most natural teat for your baby. The NUK First Choice+ Teat lets your baby drink in a relaxed and natural way, almost like breastfeeding. The teat, which is right for the jaw, has a flexible, extra-soft zone and an improved Anti-Colic Air System. It is particularly well-accepted by babies and is especially well suited too, if you would like to bottle and breastfeed together. 

Choose your colour choice - designs may way from photo.