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The ritual contains Nimbu Body Cleanser, 250ml and Nimbu Body Lotion, 250ml.WHAT DOES IT DO FOR SKIN?Formulated with a clinically-proven ceramide complex, Nimbu products leave you with skin that is hydrated, healthy, and supple. Ceramides have unique and proven benefits for skin. They are natural fats that are present in the skin’s uppermost layers and play a vital role in skin health. Ceramides hold skin cells together to prevent moisture loss, and they also strengthen the skin so that it’s able to withstand damage from environmental stressors. The ceramides in our skin deplete as  we age, resulting in drier, weaker skin composition as we age. Incorporating them in your skincare routine helps to increase hydration and give you firmer, plumper skin. Ceramides are an anti-ageing powerhouse ingredient when combined with other skin-replenishing ingredients like cholesterol and niacinamide in skincare products.GET THE BEST FROM YOUR NIMBU RITUALThe Nimbu ritual consists of a non-foaming body cleanser enriched with sweet almond oil, and a light yet luxurious body lotion formulated with vegan cholesterol, turmeric root extract, and niacinamide.Massage Nimbu body cleanser into the body when showering and rinse well. Dermatologists advice against super-hot water when showering as it strips oils from the skin. Instead, keep the water temperature pleasantly warm and consider a cold final rinse to tighten pores.After showering, pat skin dry (but don’t over-dry – leave it damp), and massage your Nimbu body lotion all over. Your skin will be silky soft and hydrated and you’ll carry the uplighting Nimbu scent with you throughout the day.THE PERFECT GIFTEveryone deserves a daily body care routine that delivers soft, supple, healthy skin and a feeling of wellbeing. The Nimbu Body Ritual blends skin care and wellbeing in a simple daily routine. The set comes in a beautiful presentation box and makes a stunning gift for someone you care about.