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Long-lasting anti-redness care for ultra-comfort. Sensibio AR reduces and prevents redness, intense temporary redness, permanent redness and small visible vessels. The exclusive patent Rosactiv reduces redness and keeps it from appearing by biologically acting on all of the skin cells involved in the initiation and aggravation of this redness. It inhibits the production of the protein responsible for vasodilation and therefore the appearance and persistence of redness. It limits the release of a molecule that triggers allergic reactions maintaining and aggravating vasodilation. Sensitive to redness-prone skin is particularly fragile. The Sensibio AR product also relieves feelings of discomfort and overheating thanks to a combination of active ingredients selected for their calming and soothing properties: Enoxolone, Allantoin and Canola, a combination of intense soothing agents, instantly reduce heating sensations. Glycerine and Canola moisturise, strengthen the barrier function and provide real skin comfort. The D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) patented natural complex increases the skin's tolerance threshold.

Prevents and reduces the intensity of redness Soothes Moisturises Non-comedogenic Excellent makeup base
Skin Type: Sensitive
Fragrance Free

Apply to healthy skin. This product is not medication. Ask your dermatologist or pharmacist for advice.