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Organic Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion
Instantly Cools, Hydrates and Nourishes
Infused with organic Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Witch Hazel
For Pure, Soothing Relief, as approved by nature
Intensive Skin Care Treatment

Nature keeps no secrets, especially when it comes to Organic Aloe Vera, which is widely reknowned as one of the most incredible natural soothers for overworked, stressed or sun-exposed skin.
Enriched with nourishing Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Juice and a host of revitalising vitamins, this extraordinary formulation is the ultimate cooling solution for damaged, dehydrated skin that gets to work fast and sinks deeply, taking you from sun-burned to sun-kissed and repacing lost moisture for up to 12 hours.