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Aloe Vera Juice Maximum Strength Cranberry
Balanced Formulation Food Supplement
Includes Measuring Cup
Made With Certified Aloe Vera

New Look - Same Great Taste, Same Great Flavour...

Maximum Strength - Made using certified Aloe vera with Cranberry Juice. Food Supplement.
A unique blend of Aloe vera unfiltered virgin inner gel fillet and filtered whole leaf, formulated with the minimum processing to allow the plant's natural components to remain unaltered and provide high levels of natural activity, as is expected in a quality Aloe Vera Juice.

The Aloe Vera juice used in this liquid food supplement comes directly from the plant and is not made using powders.

Unique formulation of whole leaf & inner gel.
Aloin removed.
Gently processed.
Not reconstituted from powders.
No added sweeteners, flavours or thickeners.

Aloe Pura Labroratories Quality Assurance Stamp: Aloe Pura products are made with the highest quality raw materials, exclusively using Aloe vera that is certified to a worldwide recognised standard of Aloe purity and content.

Nutritional Information:
(Typical values per 25ml serving)
Aloe Vera Juice - >21.6ml
Cranberry Juice - 1000mg