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Cryotag Skin Tag Remover is a safe, fast and effective way to remove skin tags in as little as one treatment at home. The precision tip applicator allows you to target the skin tag without affecting the surrounding skin. Cryotag uses the same technology as dermatologists use to remove the tags, instantly freezing it to the core. The majority of skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks of application. 

  • Remove skin tags at home
  • Skin tags on neck, chest, underarms, on the back or on the groin

Cryotag is for the removal of skin tags only. For skin tags to be treated with Cryotag, they must have ALL 4 of the FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS:

1) be located either on the neck, on the chest, underarms, on the back or on the groin.
2) colour: the skin tags need to be similar in colour to the surrounding skin.
3) the skin tags must be soft and flexible (you should be able to move them back and forth with your finger)
4) they must also be raised above the skin and connected to the skin on a stalk or stem like a piece of skin and be 2mm to 6mm in size.
If your skin tag does not have all 4 characteristics, please see a doctor