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Difflam Oral Spray relieves pain and inflammation of a sore throat and mouth effectively. Difflam Spray allows you to deliver just the right amount of fast acting relief, straight to where it's needed. It can be used to treat many painful conditions of the mouth and throat. Triple Action Relief: Anti-inflammatory - to support the body’s natural healing process and help you feel better sooner. Analgesic - to relieve the pain from a sore throat quickly and effectively. Anaesthetic - to soothe a sore throat so you can get on with your day. Fast acting relief Nozzle delivers product exactly where it’s needed Treats many mouth and throat conditions Suitable for adults and children under 6 years.* Always use Difflam™ Spray exactly as instructed and check with a healthcare professional if you are not sure. If your symptoms get worse or do not improve, contact your doctor, pharmacist or dentist. Do not use Difflam™ Spray if you are allergic to benzydamine hydrochloride or any of the other ingredients listed in the Patient Information Leaflet. Always read the label and patient information leaflet carefully. Do not use for more than seven days continuously unless under advice from a healthcare professional. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. *CHILDREN UNDER 6: One puff to be administered per 4 kg body weight, up to a maximum of 4 puffs, 1½-3 hourly.