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Advantages:Designed to correct progressively the deviation of the bunion (realignment ofthe great toe) and to relieve joint pain associated with this deformity: thanks tothe incorporated silicone gel EPITHELIUMFLEXâ„¢.Ultrathin corrrective orthotic readily adapts to all shoes.Unlike rigid orthotics, it acts during walking on all factors that worsen thedeformity.FeaturesEpitheliumFlexâ„¢ Technology: a patented ‘external splint’ which acts torealign the great toe. The level of correction can be adjusted by exertingvariable tension on the splint.The cap makes it possible to position and maintain the great toe in properposition while in motion. Machine washable at 30°C (washing net provided)Sold as a unit, suitable for the left or the right foot – 3 sizes available