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Periokin Mouthwash has an intensive anti-plaque effect. Periokin is a mouth rinse solution that helps reduce plaque while cares for and protects gums. The main responsible factor for periodontal disease is plaque, which is taken by original microorganisms of the oral cavity and products thereof. Therefore, prevention and comfort of the label can be performed by preventing the colonization of these bacteria or acting directly on them when they are already present. Chlorhexidine, for its ability to be retained in the oral cavity and go slowly releasing, has a proven antimicrobial activity for several hours.

Helps to reduce dental plaque Protects and take cares of the gum High concentration of Chlorhexidine for intensive action Excellent taste Does not irritate, dry or burn the oral mucosa

Use morning and evening after brushing the teeth with an SLS free toothpaste. Duration: 1 to 2 weeks. Ingredients: Contains Chlorhexidine 0.20%