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Kinetica Caffeine Gels give you a boost of energy while also promoting recovery. They’re great for athletes involved in endurance events like running, cycling and triathlons.They contain B vitamins to reduce your fatigue, 105mg of caffeine and 27g of carbohydrates for that boost in energy and alertness and 0.11g of salt to deliver electrolytes to your hard-working body. These electrolytes build and replenish your energy stores through hydration and fluid retention.Each gel has the same hit as a double espresso, which is perfect early in the day. If you have a late match or session.It’s also good to know that every batch of Kinetica Caffeine Gel is tested to comply to WADA exacting standards under the Informed Sport testing regime.Take 15 minutes before a match and again 15 minutes before the end of the first half for a welcome energy and alertness boost!Contains 30% of your RDA of Vitamin CContains 0.11g of salt per gelNo artificial flavoursCaffeine freeIndividual sachetsPack Size: 24 x 70g