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LANSINOH Milk Storage Bags 50

Hygienic tamper-evident bags for safe storage of expressed breastmilk. Lansinoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags are ideal for storing expressed breastmilk in the fridge or freezer, and now come with a hygienic tamper-evident and secure tear-away top, with a double seal to prevent spills or leaks. The bags also have double-sealed side seams for extra strength, and are pre-sterilised and plasticiser-free, they’re also BPA/BPS free so no harmful substances can contaminate the stored breastmilk. The double zipper provides a secure seal and the easy pour design minimises the chances of spillages – there is even a convenient tab to note the date of expression and a ‘use by’ date. Tamper evident & secure tear-away top with double seal for no spills Double Sealed side seams for strength Made from food safe polyethylene (PE) Designed with a double zipper for a secure seal Gusseted bottom to allow for expansion Write on tab above the fill area to eliminate potential risk of puncture and milk contamination Handy pour spout allows for easy transfer of milk Tissue pack dispenser for easy access and storage Pre-sterilised Easy to pour Breastmilk storage guidelines included Pump directly into bag BPA Free BPS Free