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The MAM Baby Easy Start Anti-Colic Set includes everything you need for feeding a new-born, featuring 4 Easy Start 160ml bottles with Size 1 teats, 4 Easy Start 260ml bottle bodies, a super soft bottle spout and handle, along with a handy new-born soother.

The MAM Baby Easy Start Anti Colic bottle is especially unique due to its self sterilising feature. Without the need for a steriliser, just add water and after three minutes in the microwave you have a sterilised bottle. So quick, so simple and perfect for being out and about with baby or at home.

This is also the ideal baby bottle for an easy switch between breast and bottle, thanks to the patented SkinSoft teat which is silky soft and provides a familiar feel for babies. Market research confirmed that 94% of babies accepted the teat* making it perfect for when mum wants to be a bit more flexible.

The patented vented base of the MAM Baby Easy Start Anti Colic bottle ensures that babies can drink calmly and relaxed. The ventilation holes in the base regulate the pressure balance and airflow and as the bottle ventilates via the bottom, milk flows undisturbed without air bubbles. This allows feeding with no interruptions which helps to reduce colic in 80% of cases.


Sets are available in Pink, Blue or Cream.