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  • Teething relief: The biting structure massage sensitive gums, providing relief from the pains of teething. It cools and calms areas of discomfort for your baby
  • Cooling element: A unique shape that perfectly reaches the back teeth as they come through. Special cooled element enables even very young babies to reach their molars
  • Curved handle: This MAM teether's curved ring shape is particularly easy for small babies to grab and hold, and the entire item is extra lightweight
  • Innovative clip: The innovative clip firmly attaches the teething ring to baby's clothing and ensures that the teether cannot get lost, keeping it always at hand
  • Product details: MAM Mini Cooler & Clip, Cooling Component Comforts Teething Babies, Sensitive Gums Massaged by Baby Ring, Baby Teether Toy, Suitable for 0-3 years, Blue