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Medicare Hernia Aid provides maximum support and comfort for reducible inguinal hernia. A hernia usually occurs when a hole or rupture appears in the wall of the abdomen. The abdominal wall consists of tendons and very tough muscle. It runs from the rib area down to the groin area and stops just before the legs. One of the abdominal wall’s functions is to hold in the intestines. When a rupture occurs, the intestines can begin to push through the abdominal wall. A hernia can happen to anyone, regardless of age or sex. It is usually felt as a small lump, but if left untreated, can grow to any size. Medicare's Hernia Aid features a flexible front panel that fits the contours of the body and can be worn under clothing. The full cut pouch and 1-inch elastic leg straps provide a secure, comfortable fit. Measure around the middle of your hips for your size. The hernia aid is made with a comfortable, stretch material, specially designed for excellent lift and support. The adjustable soft knitted elastic leg straps and belt hold the support firmly in place without restricting body movement. The removable Velcro right and left support pads provide gentle gradual pressure to help inguinal hernias, while allowing you to custom fit the support for ultimate comfort. Suitable for both men and women Flexible front panel Adjustable soft knitted elastic straps and belt