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Medicare Lifesense A1 Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy 
to read, automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor 
designed with both comfort and accuracy in mind. The slim, 
portable design makes this a great product to bring with you 
when travelling or to discreetly store in the home. The high 
quality blood pressure measures during inflation, making the 
measurement time shorter and a lot more comfortable.
• Digital LCD display (60mm x 41mm).
• Large soft touch buttons.
• Large text for high visibility.
• Measure-during-inflation technology.
1. Make sure you are relaxed before you begin.
2. Roll up your sleeve and fasten the cuff 2-3cm above your
elbow bend. Rest your arm with your palm facing up. Try to
avoid moving or talking during measurement.
3. Press the ‘Start/Stop’ button to begin measurement. It will
automatically stop when the measurement is completed.
4. Your results will appear once the device has stopped.