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Adjustable arm sling to provide support for arm injuries. This Adjustable Arm Sling from the Medicare Sport range provides general arm support and restricts movement to assist in healing sore or injured arms and elbows. The advanced design helps to relieve pain and prevent re-injury. This Arm Sling is exceptionally easy to use and very simple to adjust, thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. The strap itself passes over the back and shoulder to distribute weight more evenly, whilst the arm cradle supports the forearm all the way to the fingers. This helps to keep the whole arm secure and comfortably immobilised. How does it work? The Arm Sling keeps the shoulder still and supported, which helps to relieve shoulder pain and encourages healing sore or injured arms and elbows. It is also a useful aid following shoulder surgery or a shoulder injury. When can I use it? To immobilise the shoulder and to allow healing following shoulder injuries. Use following shoulder surgery such as rotator cuff repair and shoulder decompression where shoulder movement is prohibited.

Adjustable shoulder strap Designed to provide comfort