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Medisilk Silk Tape is ideal for the fixation of dressing pads and medical devices. This is a silk finished, non-stretch, water repellent, tape with a strong, hypoallergenic adhesive. The porous hypoallergenic tape makes it ideal for use on patients with sensitive skin, as it allows the skin to breath through it.Product Features:• High strength, comfortable, taffeta-backed tape with convenient bi-directional tear• Adheres well to dry skin• Macro-perforated• For securing bulky dressings, heavier tubing and small splints.• Coated with a solvent free waterproof adhesive• Suitable for sensitive skinSilk tape can be used as a base layer for sports strapping, or as a first aid tape to fix and retain dressings. It can also serve as a non-latex alternative to zinc oxide tape.