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Medisilk Silk Tape is ideal for the fixation of dressing pads and medical devices. This is a silk finished, non-stretch, water repellent, tape with a strong, hypoallergenic adhesive. The porous hypoallergenic tape makes it ideal for use on patients with sensitive skin, as it allows the skin to breath through it. Silk tape can be used as a base layer for sports strapping, or as a first aid tape to fix and retain dressings. It can also serve as a non-latex alternative to Zinc Oxide tape. The silk tape is very strong and features a serrated edge for ease of tearing. Can be used as a base layer for taping and strapping or for any fixing or retention where a strong, hypoallergenic conforming tape is required. The "Silk-like" cloth tape has a strong adhesive quality which works well for many different applications, such as securing bulky dressings, heavier tubing, and small splints. A convenient bi-directional tear makes it easy and quick to use, without the need for scissors. The non-stretch tape is commonly used to secure dressings or bandages, or as a base layer for strapping. The silk finish and porous adhesion provides maximum comfort. Non-latex alternative to Zinc Oxide tape Convenient bi-directional tear makes it easy and quick to use without scissors Provides maximum comfort