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Compact pouch for easy storage Highly absorbent  Soft and gentle on the skin  Size: 10 x 10cm  5 Pcs per Pouch, 4Ply Non-Woven Sterile Swabs are used for absorption, protection, disinfection or padding. Ideal for cleaning wounds, these swabs are a great alternative to cotton wool and a must-have in any First-Aid Kit. Each Mediswab Sterile 4 Ply swab is non-woven so there is no risk of loose fibres irritating or affecting the wound.They are packed in 5 in a compact easy-open pouch, allowing for easy storage and ease of use.These Sterile Swabs are used for many medical purposes, especially treating open wounds. The swabs are sterile and highly absorbent, as well as being soft and gentle on the skin.The non-woven swabs are ideal for all aspects of hospital care-hygiene, detersion, cleansing and dressing of wounds.Mediswab 4Ply Sterile Non-Woven Swabs absorb, protect, disinfect and pad a wound. They are made of highly absorbent material and they are soft and gentle on the skin.Composed of 4 layers , they have a very high absorption capacity and good resistance to stretching when either dry or damp.Soft, with good skin tolerance, these sterile swabs don't stick to the wound and don't disintegrate. They are suitable for use with all antiseptic solutions.