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• Medporex Adhesive Surgical Dressing is fully breathable, allowing wounds to breathe naturally• 100% Sterile and individually packed• Made of non woven material backed with a latex-free adhesive• Non-adherent pad• Size: 9 x 15cm• 30 Pcs per PackMedporex Adhesive Surgical Dressing is fully breathable, allowing wounds to breathe naturally.A non-adherent pad ensures that the adhesive will not stick to the wound, permits free flow of drainage, and protects the wound site. In the case of this adhesive surgical dressing, both dressing and bandage are combined in a single unit for maximum efficiency. The dressing is made with a non woven pad and non woven material, allowing wounds to breathe naturally to promote faster healing. The adhesive on this Surgical Dressing allows the dressing to stick directly to the area where it is applied, eliminating the need to use bandaging tape or similar materials to attach the dressing. The dressing is 100% sterile and individually packedMedical dressings serve several functions. They protect a wound, reducing the risk that infectious agents will enter and colonize the area. They also collect exudate, the material which seeps from the wound, which can be important from a sanitary and aesthetic perspective. Dressings can also be used to keep a mound moist and to promote healing. An adhesive surgical dressing is commonly used as a primary dressing for the management of acute wounds such as long surgical incisions, lacerations, abrasions and invasive lines.