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Medporex Waterproof Adhesive Dressing is suitable for use on a wide variety of low to moderate exuding wounds, including surgical wounds, cuts and grazes. Waterproof surgical dressings provide superior protection against water, germs and dirt. Medporex waterproof dressing is air-permeable, making it a comfortable way to keep wounds clean and protected by providing long lasting, reliable adhesion. The super-stick adhesive plaster stays on until you want it off. The reinforced heavy duty fibre ensures maximum protection, shielding out water, dirt and germs, even when wet. The non-adhesive absorbent pad on this surgical dressing ensures that the wound is well protected from any irritants. It is particularly suitable for those who need to protect their wound while showering, bathing, swimming, or playing water sports.

Air-permeable Heavy duty fibre ensures maximum protection Waterproof Super stick