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Nitnot Eco serum kill lice and eggs in one go. In order to ensure that the lice are effectively eradicated, a second dose lotion should be applied seven days after the first treatment to deal with any eggs which may have hatched since the first application. The ‘nits’ (empty egg cases) are glued to the hair but are completely harmless. Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion can be used to help remove the eggs when doing so by comb or using your fingers.


• Use the precision comb for fine hair, delicate hair around the edge of the hairline and on babies and young children’s hair.

• For thick, curly and afro hair, use the search & remove comb.
• On short hair, comb in four directions and overlap the strokes.
• When checking for lice you are looking to find live lice. Eggs do not indicate a live infestation as white empty shells (nits) can be stubborn to remove and left from a previous infestation.
Don’t worry about the risk of not being able to thoroughly wipe clean the comb in between strokes. Once eggs have been combed off the hair, their tubular attachment to the hair follicle has been broken. They cannot reattach, even if they are brushed back through by accident.
Cleaning The comb can be placed in hot soapy water and brushed with an old tooth brush to remove debris. Cleaning the metal combs in the dishwasher or using strong disinfectants may discolour the metal combs. This does not affect the integrity of the comb it is the copper base reacting to chemicals in these cleaning products.