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NUK Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser (3 pin plug)

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The NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser gently sterilises baby bottles with steam removing 99.9% of germs using no chemicals at all. During the first few months of life, your baby's immune system is not fully developed, which makes it absolutely essential that you sterilise their bottles, teats and accessories to prevent bacteria forming which could cause illness. With the NUK Vario Express, you can be sure that bacteria are reliably removed from bottles, soothers and accessories. The steam steriliser not only ensures thorough sterilisation—it also makes busy family life considerably easier. At the same time, the appliance offers maximum convenience, as the six repositionable rods and basket for accessories can be arranged as required. This means there is room for up to 6 boil-proof bottles. Furthermore, soothers, accessories and teething rings can also be quickly and reliably sterilised in the removable basket. Once switched on, the electric NUK Steriliser heats up and boils the water inside. In the heat of the steamy atmosphere of over 90°C, the germs are killed and you can rely on all the parts being sterilised. If unopened, these remain germ-free in the appliance for up to 24 hours. It just takes the touch of a button to start the cleaning process—once sterilising has been completed the appliance switches itself off automatically. Meaning bottles and soothers can be so easily sterilised without taking up any extra time. That is particularly important for parents who have to demonstrate their abilities as multi-tasking masters. With its modern and compact design, the NUK Vario Express suits every kitchen. Please note the NUK Vario Steam Steriliser must be used in conjunction with proper cleaning; not on its own. The NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser is recommended to effectively remove milk protein, pulp and juice residues prior to sterilisation. To prevent limescale damage and guarantee its effectiveness, it's recommended regularly descaling the NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser. Reliably removes bacteria from bottles Makes busy family life considerably easier Germ-free in the appliance for up to 24 hours Room for up to 6 boil-proof bottles