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Paralink Suppositories are used for the treatment of fever and mild to moderate pain. For the treatment of cold and flu symptoms, teething pain, headache, sprains and strains and to ease the pain of sore throats and earache. Recommended for use in children who may find it difficult to take paracetamol by mouth. Relieves pain when vomiting and unable to swallow Quick and easy to administer and fast acting Reduces temperature fast when unable to swallow liquids Each Paralink 180mg contains 180mg of paracetamol Before use, wash and dry your hands. Remove one suppository carefully from its wrapping and insert it carefully into your child’s back passage. Wash your hands again afterwards. Babies 3 months – 1 year (5 – 10 kg), use ½ suppository. Children 1 – 3 years (10 – 15kg), use 1 suppository. Children 3 - 6 years (15 – 20 kg), use 1 ½ suppositories. Do not give more than 4 doses in any 24 hours. Leave at least 6 hours between each dose. Ingredients: Paracetamol, Hard Fat, Macrogol Stearate.