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  • 🌿 PREMIUM QUALITY MAGNESIUM: PrizMAG by ITL Health offers pure magnesium bisglycinate, one of the most highly absorbable forms of magnesium. Our capsules are free from fillers, stearates, and magnesium oxide.
  • 💤 SLEEP BETTER & FEEL RESTED: Magnesium is essential for relaxation and getting a good night's sleep. Experience restful nights and wake up refreshed with PrizMAG's effective sleep support formula.
  • ✅ EASY ON THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Our magnesium bisglycinate is gentle on the stomach, unlike other magnesium formulas. It promotes a healthier digestive system and helps with stress, anxiety, and blood pressure management.
  • 🌱 VEGAN & DIET-FRIENDLY: PrizMAG by ITL Health's magnesium bisglycinate capsules are suitable for vegans and those adhering to dietary restrictions. Each packet contains 90 capsules for your convenience.
  • 👍 MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: PrizMAG magnesium bisglycinate can help with various issues, such as cramps, restless legs, high blood pressure, and more. Improve your overall health and wellbeing with our premium magnesium supplement.