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Teen Revive is a super supplement created for teenagers aged 13-19 to support their growing bones, energy systems, mental performance, and a healthy immune system.

An unflavoured super supplement with 18 vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, five fruit and vegetable powders and Wellmune beta-glucan delivering multiple benefits in one easy sachet. Vitamin D and Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. Vitamin C and Vitamin D contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart. Niacin contributes to normal psychological function and Pantothenic Acid contributes to normal mental performance.

Formulated to support growing bones and a healthy immune systemSupports the heart, brain, bones, and the immune system

Contains 18 vitamin and minerals

Contains prebiotics and probiotics

Contains 5 fruit and vegetable powders

Enriched with Wellmune beta-glucan

Can be added to water, juice or even added to foods; completely unflavoured, Mineral, Vitamin C.

Simply add to water, juice or even food and take any time of the day.

Ingredients: Wellmune, Prebiotics and Probiotics and 5 Fruit and Vegetable Powders.