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The SELFCHECK Bowel Health Test is an easy to use screening test to check for the early signs of bowel cancer.

The test requires only a small sample of poo, uses the faecal immunochemical test method (FIT), and gives an easy-to-read visual result in less than 10 minutes.

The FIT test is used in NHS bowel cancer screening programmes as a reliable way to check for the early stages of bowel cancer. The faecal immunochemical test detects traces of hidden blood in your poo that you cannot see by eye. It is important to understand that traces of blood may be present in your poo for reasons other than colon polyps or bowel cancer. The SELFCHECK Bowel Health Test has a cut-off designed for screening people who do not yet have any symptoms. Always speak to your doctor if you think you have bowel cancer symptoms or can see blood in your poo.

As the test uses the FIT detection method, no change in diet or fasting is required prior to using the test.

Although FIT tests are a sensitive and simple way to screen for bowel cancer, colon polyps can bleed intermittently, so there is a risk that testing on just one occasion could miss a diagnosis. Testing on more than one occasion can help increase the chances of detecting the early stages of bowel/colon cancer.

You do not need to send a sample away as the test kit contains a test cassette that allows you to check your own poo sample and get a reliable result in 10 minutes.

Contains 1 test.