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A simple and reliable test to detect an infection with Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) which is linked to stomach ulcers. Instant results within minutes. Contains 1 test.


Around half the population is infected by the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) which causes gastritis and ulcers. Untreated and long-term infection with H pylori causes damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach and those infected with this bacterium have an increased risk of stomach ulcers and developing stomach cancer. Nevertheless, in most cases, the infection can be successfully treated with a combination of antibiotics and antacids.


An early diagnosis of Helicbacter pylori infection and prompt treatment can help reduce the likelihood of a stomach ulcer developing. This test is accurate compared to hospital laboratory tests for the detection of H pylori infection and is CE marked specifically for self test use at home with independent trials showing that the test is simple to use and provides reliable results.

Warning or Restrictions

If you have already been infected with H pylori in the past and the infection was eliminated with antibiotics, laboratory tests and SELFCheck are sensitive enough to detect antibodies and give a positive reading more than a year following treatment even though the infection is no longer present.

Product Specification

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions, foil pouch containing one test cassette, sterile automatic safety lancet, plastic tube containing a thin glass tube for collecting your blood drop, plastic tube containing liquid to dilute your blood drop and plaster.