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A simple and reliable home test kit to detect three signs of a urine infection including protein, nitrite and white blood cells. Fast results in minutes. Contains two tests.


The most common cause of urine infections is bacteria that colonise around the urethra and then ascend to the rest of the urinary tract. A urine infection can ranges in severity from cystitis, a mild but distressing inflammation of the bladder, to severe kidney infections. The SELFCheck Urine Infection Test kit detects three key markers of a urine infection in your urine; protein, white blood cells and nitrites. Symptoms of a urine infection can differ depending on whereabout in the urinary tract the infection affects. Some infections affect the lower parts such as the bladder and urethra or upper parts such as the kidneys and ureters. Common symptoms of a urine infection include a burning sensation on passing urine, frequent need to urinate, cloudy urine with an offensive odour, pains in the loins and even fever or chills. the most important factor in maintaining a healthy urinary tract is emptying the bladder completely and frequently.


Early detection of a urine infection and prompt treatment from your doctor or pharmacist can help reduce the duration and severity of symptoms.

Warning or Restrictions

Keep out of reach of children.

Product Specification

Two test strips each test strip detecting protein, white blood cells and nitrates, instructions for use.