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Senokot 7.5mg/5ml Syrup contains Calcium Sennosides equivalent to 7.5 mg/ 5 ml total Sennosides. It works as a laxative for the predictable relief of occasional or non-persistent constipation.

Gentle effective constipation relief Contains purified Senna extract Works in 8-12 hours Predictable relief Senna from natural sources
Clinically tested

Adults and children over 12 years old: The usual dose is two 5 ml spoonful's. You should take Senokot 7.5mg/5ml Syrup at bedtime. Not to be given to children under 12 years old without medical advice. Ingredients: Contains Methyl (E218) and Propyl (E216) Parahydroxybenzoate and Maltitol Liquid E(965), See leaflet for further information.