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The Belle Blowdry Brush is the perfect brush to easily achieve a salon Blowdry at home.Nylon bristles and a coated barrel allow for easier rotation of the brush for Blowdry beginners.The bristles are also extra long to hold onto even the thickest hair with ease.The long rubber gripped handle helps with holding the brush correctly and rotating without the brush slipping in your hand.Wide honeycomb vents allow for superior airflow through the brush and excellent heat distribution through your hair to set your style.The Belle Blowdry Medium is perfect for longer hair & adding bounce and body to your blowdry while achieving a sleek, frizz free finish.Barrell dimeter - 33mmWarning - Do not keep the blowdry brushes under intense heat. Metal parts of the brush will get hot when blowdrying. Keep away from skin and ensure your blow-dryer's filter is cleaned regularly. â‚¬19,99