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Set includes The Ultimate Tanning Brush, The Ultimate Tanning Brush Cleaner, The Microfiber Cloth and a handy Bag to keep all your Ultimate Tanning products together. 


  • The first Tan Brush that doesn’t require a mitt.
  • Designed for whole body and face.
  • Use with any self-tanning lotion, oil, mousse or liquid.
  • Comfortable, quick, easy application.
  • No streaks, patches or problem areas.
  • Flawless, longer lasting tan.
  • The worlds first Tan Brush Cleanser
  • Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, perfume and fragrance free

The Tan Brush Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and removes residual tan-ning product. It keeps the Tan Brush bristles in optimum condition.
We recommend cleansing the Tan Brush after every use to ensure the highest level of hygiene.
This product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, perfume and fragrance-free.

The Tan Brush Microfiber Cloth is super absorbent and made to trap re-sidual tanning products without leaving any lint on The Tan Brush.




I use the brush during the week to top up my spray tan ,it’s easy to use, no mess and looks so natural on my hands and feet. I highly recommend it.