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Zenflore is a probiotic supplement formulated by scientists at PrecisionBiotics, the developer of the award-winning Alflorex. Containing the unique beneficial bacteria 1714-Serenitas  and specially selected B vitamins, this formulation supports the mind and body during busy and challenging times by reducing stress and fatigue. This one-a-day precision formula transits to the gut intact, delivering the benefits of 1 billion live bacteria per capsule.


It is known that the health of our gut has a direct correlation to brain function. Zenflore has been specifically formulated to encourage serotonin production in the gut, which elevates our mood and to utilise the stress and fatigue-reducing properties of selected B vitamins. Zenflore has undergone rigorous clinical trials and human studies and has also been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.


The beneficial culture 1714-Serenitas occurs naturally in the digestive system and is a member of the Bifidobacteria family of bacteria passed from mother to baby in breastmilk. This unique culture was isolated and developed by PrecisionBiotics in association with their esteemed colleagues at the Alimentary Health Group in Co. Cork, Ireland, a world-leading institute in gut health, microbiome, and gut-brain axis research. 


Zenflore provides natural support to the mind and body in demanding times.